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Dakotah Hendricks is a United States Sailor turned professional photographer that serves Coastal Virginia's Hampton Roads. She enjoys iced lattes in trendy coffee shops, spending too much money at TJ Maxx, and making excuses about why she can't do the dishes.
Tour Meagan's Studio located in Tulsa, Oklahoma
I am Kat of Catherine King Photography, a CT newborn photographer located on the shoreline. I am a wife and a mother to two active girls (as well as a mom to a very rowdy Yorkie and recently an even more energetic Boxer pup). I love shoes, wine, and gorgeous sunsets beachside.
Alli is our featured photographer for March. She operates under the studio name "Glow Portraits" and has a studio on personal property located in Charlie Lake, BC. Alli is a busy mom of 4 children and work full time as a maternity and newborn photographer. She can’t think of any other job that would bring so much enjoyment and personal satisfaction. "There’s nothing better than snuggling a fresh little bundle of love while being able to express my creativeness at the same time. "
Hello! My name is Stevie. I am a newborn, child and family photographer, living in Orange County, California. I am first and foremost a wife and mother to 3 young children.
Meet Angelina Lopez, a Northwest Arkansas based photographer known for her beautiful birth images!
Hey!! I'm Ang! I'm based out of Victoria, BC, Canada but originally from Calgary, AB. I've been doing photography for 11 years and in business for 9 years. I'm self-taught and strongly believe in learning, bettering your craft, and raising your own bar with every session. I believe that you should shoot things you're scared of or don't "like" as it will make you a better artist and be able to thrive in any situation thrown at you -- specifically with wedding photography!
Least favorite food? Mushrooms. No thank you, buh bye. No mushrooms for me, thank you. Especially those raw ones (barf).
Q & A with Keri Meyers of Keri Meyers Photography
Check out our Q & A session with Amy Guenther of Sweet {Little} You Photography
Arizona based photographer, Malia Battilana shares her experience of transitioning from a full time teacher to becoming a full time newborn photographer. "I knew early on I would be surrounded by children and pursued my degree in Early Childhood Education. Being a teacher confirmed my love for children and the innocence and purity they bring to the world."
Michelle Newell will be our guest for the next live chat on December 13th at 8pm CST. Be sure to join us and ask her your questions!
Top images of October 2016
I love education and watching the ways other work. The best part about photography is that it is subjective and there isn't a right or a wrong way to do something. If I am feeling unmotivated, I take an online course or go shoot with someone I admire. I also feel having a friend or two that you trust is another great way to lift each other up, inspire each other, and keep motivated.
Q & A with Emily Lucarz
As we wrap of the month of September, here are the most popular images for the month that have been shared through the critique board so far - based on amount of 'loves' and comments!
What is cuter than a baby in a Halloween Costume? Take a look at this sampling of images, from the members of
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2014 Mega Mom Giveaway: WINNERS!
It's giveaway time! In celebration of's One Year Anniversary, we are giving all of our expecting Mom's the chance to win one of 10 prizes and one GRAND prize package. Simply follow the instruction to enter our raffle for your chance to win.
After our calling for Santa Hat pictures - we received hundreds of emails with holiday themed newborn (and baby) images! Here are a few of our favorite so far... keep em' coming!
Loving these holiday themed images...
Love this awake shot by Freckle Portraits!...
Congratulations to Jill Geisler of Sprouting Hearts Photography - our winner of the August Image Contest, and our new Featured Photographer of the Month!
Join us for a studio tour of Kansas Pitts Photography & Design Studios!
We can't believe that we have been officially 'open' for 4 months now, time goes by fast when you are having fun! Take a peek at a flash back for the past four months - its amazing to see how far we have come in such a short amount of time!