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What To Expect

Congratulations on expecting, this is such an exciting time! And we are sure that on the top of your 'to-do' list, is 'find an amazing newborn photographer!'.

After searching and inquiries, you may have narrowed down your selection and found the newborn photographer that you love! Now what?

Well, most professional newborn photographers book sessions months in advance - since they generally book 'due dates' and not actual session dates. Once you have booked, most professionals will require you pay a deposit, or the session fee in advance to secure your spot. This is standard industry practice, and will ensure that your session is reserved and your photographer has you in their books!

Most newborn photographers will want to photograph your newborn when he or she is just that - a newborn. A 'newborn' is considered an infant under the age of 14 days. The optimal time to photograph a newborn is between the ages of 5-7 days, that is generally what most photographers strive for. In order to accommodate that time period and get the most out of your newborn session, something very important needs to happen - someone needs to notify your newborn photographer that the baby has been born! Designate the responsibility of notifying the newborn photographer of the arrival of the baby to a friend or family member who wants to 'help'. This will get the process going, and your photographer will need to know as soon as possible of the birth of the baby so they can arrange their schedule to get you in their studio as soon as possible.

Once the session date has been arranged, your photographer will most likely send you an information sheet - things to do the help the process along. Things like, give the baby a full feeding prior to the start of the session, dress the baby in a button down sleeper, or keep baby awake 1-2 hours before the session so the baby is nice and sleepy for the duration of the session. Every photographer is different, and has different tips and tricks - so try to follow their suggestions and advice as much as possible for a smooth session.

Most newborn sessions are 2-3 hours in length. This is typical and time varies depending on each baby, and each photographer. This may be a great time for you to sit back and rest while the photographer is posing and working with your newborn. Bring snacks and water with you, and enjoy the process.

After the newborn session, your photographer will need time to sort through the images and edit them. They may invite you back to their studio a few weeks after your session for a full viewing of your photographs or they may host them on-line in a private gallery for you to view. At this time, you can ask questions about the ordering process and other products they offer like printing on canvas or custom framing of your photographs.

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