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Top Images of September 2016

As we wrapped up the month of September, here are the most popular images for the month that have been shared through the critique board so far - based on the amount of "loves" and comments! 


Photographer: Jessica Rogers  


Photographer: Meredith Smith


Photographer: Marcelle Raphael 


Photographer: Carrie Adams


 Photographer : Amy Guenther 


Photographer: Shannon Morton

Photographer: Emma Stasko

Photographer: Nicky Ward



Photographer: Stefanie Miller

 Photographer: Jennifer Blakeley

Photographer: Jessica Rogers


 Photographer: Jill Geisler 

Photographer: Kala Rath

Image not featured due to request of client.

Photographer: Bree Garcia

Photographer: Jill Geisler

Photographer: Nicky Ward

Photographer: Keri Meyers

Photographer: Jodie Drake

 Photographer: Nicky Ward

Photographer: Julie Wagner