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Each month we like to reward our members with exclusive discounts to our favorite vendors! This month we are featuring Just Hatched Designs and Photography Props! Hayley has so kindly provided all NBP members with an 18% off discount off most items (excluding super sale bundles) just for being an NBP member! If you would like to receive the coupon code, please log in to your NBP account at
Offer Expires 04/31/2017.

Photo credit: Pebbles and Polka Dots Photography 

The story about the birth of this company is short and sweet: I am a creative pisces who loves crafting and designing. I had twins in January and while at their newborn session, one of my best friends suggested I make headbands and other photography props and sell them - this way I could stay home with my children and contribute to the family! I will one day go back to teaching, which is my first calling :) I jumped in with both feet, started designing at all hours of the morning while the twins were awake and wanting to be held!! I had a logo designed and with some help from some friends and family I launched in March 2013!
Just Hatched Designs "hatched" on March 2nd, 2013 shortly after the birth of my twins in January!! Our shop specializes in newborn tiebacks and layering sets, vintage inspired bonnets, baby headbands, knitted blankets, wraps, headscarves, and upcycled sets. We have various inspired designs that draw from the beautiful natural surroundings of British Columbia, Canada. We aim to provide props all many different price points and offer mega savings sales throughout the year so every photographer can have beautifully handcrafted items in the collection! 

I want to take a moment to thank my three children, Logan, Mila, and Liam whose births directed me back to my creativity, my mother, who, during her sweet time on earth, helped me with my children, shipping and packaging, and continually inspired designs. Life and this business will never be the same without her presence, but, Pamela Mary, Mom, none of this would have been realized without your support, love, and belief in me as a designer, teacher, daughter, friend, woman
-Hayley Grace







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Keri Meyers Top 10 Vendor List

by Kala Rath

Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned photographer, finding the right vendors for your business is incredible. I couldn't tell you how much money I have wasted on software and products trying to find what was right for me. So I reached out to professional newborn photographer and co-founder of, Keri Meyers, and asked her about her favorite go-to vendors!


1. Studio Management: Sprout Studio


2. Album Building Software: Smart Albums


3. Studio Lights: Paul C Buff

4. Backdrops: Fancy Fabric & Props


5. Backdrops: Intuition Backgrounds


6. Props: Darling Baby


7. Props: Avonli Baby


8. Props: Leah Michele Creations


9. Camera Bag: Kelly Moore Bags

10. Studio Tools: Sticky Albums 



"I am a wedding and baby story photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia, but I go wherever these stories lead. I believe all expecting mothers should know that they are beautiful, strong, and loved. My greatest hope is to capture that strength and beauty on camera, to preserve that season of motherhood for not only mama-to-be, but for the legacy that comes after her, because of her. I believe in documenting the everyday moments of a newborn - a baby feeding or a snuggling - but with a classical portraiture approach. I love that seemingly little moments can show something so much bigger: a story of so much love for a tiny baby that even the simplest of tasks are done with the most tender, beautiful, and loving touch." - Natalie Jackson of 4Corners Photography























Connect with Natalie:

Join Alli Peck of Glow Portraits in her 40 minute interview with NewbornPhotography.Com and learn about Alli's lighting setup, how she attracts her customers, gets her inspiration and more! 


Alli is our featured photographer for March. She operates under the studio name "Glow Portraits" and has a studio on personal property located in Charlie Lake, BC. Alli is a busy mom of 4 children and work full time as a maternity and newborn photographer. She can’t think of any other job that would bring so much enjoyment and personal satisfaction. "There’s nothing better than snuggling a fresh little bundle of love while being able to express my creativeness at the same time. "