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Toes Peeking Newborn Wrap Tutorial by Butterfly Kiss Photography


Do you ever get tired of doing the same newborn baby wrap at every session and want to switch things up? I am so excited to share this easy wrapping technique to add to your newborn photography sessions. This wrap works great for both awake and sleepy babies.  Plus you can change your lighting and props for variety and really maximize your session. All you need is a long stretchy fabric wrap (approximately 15”x60”).  Lay the center of the wrap across your lap and place baby on top, with feet to you.  Tip: Leave baby’s diaper on for this wrap pose and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up any messes!  Pull a bit of fabric from either side of baby’s feet and tie a square knot, making sure your knot is tight and secure. Pull one end of the fabric across from the feet and over the shoulder to the back.  Do the same for opposite side, pulling tight as you go.  Repeat, making one more pass from each side at an angle from the feet to opposite shoulder, which will create a criss-cross effect on the front of baby.  Tip: make sure you keep baby’s feet tucked up towards body and cover the knot with your wrap.  Any excess fabric can be tucked behind baby.  Now you are ready to pose baby in your set up: laying on a soft flokati or simple fabric, or in the prop of your choice.  Don’t forget to capture those cute toes for a macro shot too!




If you would like to see all the final images head over to my blog for the companion tutorial: 1 wrap | 3 looks | 20 images



Tami Brundage is a dreamer. She is a wife and a mother of three. She is a portrait photographer specializing in styled newborn photography, and has been a small business owner for the past 9+ years. Tami lives a lifestyle that allows her to put family first, embrace sustainable living, and let her creative heart shine. Besides photography, she enjoys finding vintage treasures, cooking real food, permaculture design, the smell of fresh cut grass, camping, road trips, the beach, salted caramel everything, and sing-a-long music.  If she had to pick a theme song for her life it would be “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty.  Tami and her husband home school and raise a small flock of backyard chickens on their urban homestead; but plans to move out to the country are on the horizon.


Tami Brundage