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Top 5 Easy Blogging Tips for Newborn Photographers


You’ve probably heard that you need to blog to get search engines like Google to notice your website. Now you may be wondering: what should you blog about? How often should you blog? How do you get your blog seen?

The reality is, if you blog a few times a week and no one reads your content, it is of little to no use to your website. The key to successful blogging is to have great content that people will want to want to read and share. If you can get your pageviews and social media shares up for each blog that you release, then your web traffic, domain authority, and Google ranking will all increase. The following are a 5 easy blogging tips newborn photographers can use to create great content, get more visitors to their site, and increase their search ranking on Google.


Every time you sit down to write your blog, think about your audience. The mistake many photography bloggers make is to write their blog for everyone. The more specific you make your blog post, the better it is. Think about who you want to read and share your blog. Write for the audience you want to attract.

Quality not Quantity

It may surprise you to know that you don’t need to blog 2-3 times a week. In fact, if you blog too often, your audience might not be as engaged when you do release a blog. Focus on releasing quality blogs that cover interesting newborn photography topics rather than just pumping out a high volume of underwhelming blog posts. If you only write one blog a week or one every 2 weeks, then be sure to make it content heavy, as people are more apt to read it and share it.




As a newborn photographer, I know we’re all drawn in by photos, but if you bombard your blog with a ton of photos, your audience will get bored and move on. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes. Would you want to see a handful of gorgeous, jaw-dropping images per blog or 100 mediocre photos? Having a few beautiful photos per blog will not only attract visitors, it will also decrease your site’s load time, which increases your Google ranking.


Why are links so important to your website ranking? Google indexes websites by crawling through the various links that are all over the internet.They follow links from one site to the next, indexing and storing the information as they go. The more links your website has, the easier it is for Google to crawl, and the better your site will rank in their search results.

This is why it is so important to have other reputable websites linking back to you. As a newborn photographer, if you can get a website with high domain authority to link back to your website, like, Google will automatically detect that your website is important and relevant and your ranking will increase.

Keep in mind that Google isn’t the only reason to have links on your website. People follow links too, which is another reason you should always have links throughout your website and blog posts. Other good practices include: tying in your portfolio pages to your favorite blog posts, linking to your investment pages from your portfolio pages, and making sure to have “Contact Me” links at the beginning, middle, and end of your pages and blog posts. If you make it easy for your clients to find information on your website, then you’ll make it easy for Google to rank your website.


Blogging Ideas

The last and final thing I am going to touch on is probably the most important: what should you blog about? Yes, it is important to blog about your sessions so your clients can see your newest and best work, but you should also blog about other topics to increase website traffic and shares which are so important for site ranking.

Here are just a few ideas for newborn photography blog topics:

  • Newborn posing or editing tricks: Photographers love reading about any tips that will help them improve their craft. If you share your secrets, no matter how small, your fellow photographers will be more likely to share your blog. It can be something as simple as how to achieve the perfect froggy pose or how to change your background to match your subject’s headband. The best thing you can do is create a short editing video, upload it to your business YouTube channel, and link it to your blog. Having YouTube link to your website will increase your backlinks and when your link is shared, your domain authority will increase which will indicate to Google that your website is important and relevant. Make sure your youtube channel is associated with your Google business email account.

  • Special Sessions or Promotions: When you have a themed mini session announcement or when you’re running a special, write a blog about it. Then, direct your clients to your blog to book the session. Posting your promotions on your website will give you additional web traffic, increase your return traffic, and give the clients who read your blog a special discount so they’ll continue to read and follow your blog.

  • Newborn FAQs: Create an FAQ post specifically targeted to your newborn clients. The key is to showcase your expertise and personality in this post. Once you create this post, link it internally from your Newborn portfolio page so you can keep your clients on your website longer, thus decreasing your site’s bounce rate.

  • Your Photography Journey: Tell the story about your newborn photography journey. You can include where you were when you started with photography, who mentored you, how you got to where you are now, and how you overcame roadblocks. A blog post like this will showcase your personality, engage your clients, and help other photographers who may be curious about breaking into newborn photography.

  • Behind the scenes: Everyone loves to see how the magic is created. Ask your assistant or your clients to take snapshots of you working during a newborn shoot. Afterwards write a blog post about it. This type of post is meant to show the difference in what you can do versus what a smartphone camera can do, and it also gives you the opportunity to show off your work after the edits are complete.

  • Feature a vendor: A great way to come up with more material in your blog is to network in your town. Go out, meet people, local business owners, and fellow photographers, and make connections. Ask them if they would like to be featured on your blog. Bring your portfolio, business cards, and special discount cards with you to distribute to maternity clothing shops, lingerie stores, 3D/4D ultrasound offices, doulas, OBGYNs, private hospitals, and daycare centers, etc. Try not to ask your networking prospects for something upfront. Tell them that you’ve heard about their service from a neighbor or a friend, and say that you’re so excited about what they’re doing that you would love to feature them on your blog as a recommendation to your clients. Once you have a solid relationship with the vendor, ask them if they would mind placing the blog link on their website or sharing your blog link on their Facebook page. If they’re willing to link to you, rejoice because your backlinks, domain authority, and popularity with Google search engines will go up.  

If you have any other great newborn photography blog ideas, please feel free to comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

Written by Candy Hoehn

Founder and Owner of Sweet SEO Services

Connect with Candy: