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2014 Mega Mom Giveaway: WINNERS!






Congratulations Melissa!
Best wishes for a healthy & happy birth. We hope your prizes make the newborn days even better.






1. Kate Usher (Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, United Kingdom)  

2. Tiffany Blades Stanghon (Canada)

3. Sara Jacques (Aldergrove, BC)

4. Terry Durocher (Saskatoon, SK, Canada) 

5. Laura Helweg 

6. Melissa Genson (Chicago)

7. Deanna Favel 

8. Gt Yaj (Milwaukee, WI) 

9. Morgan Kappen (Lingle, Wyoming) 

10. Regina Gonzalez (New Jersey) 


Congratulations to all of you lucky Mamas! Be sure to email us at to claim your prize!