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Birth Session Share with Angelina Lopez

Hey! I am Angelina. I am a homeschooling mama of three beautiful children. Most of my days are spent at home in the kitchen and wrangling kids around the house. My family and I are originally from San Diego, CA but we currently live in BEAUTIFUL Northwest Arkansas.  I like to say that I am a part time photographer and full time mama. I have been a professional photographer for almost seven years and I shoot a little bit of everything, but my absolute favorite is birth and lifestyle newborn photography. I really enjoy documenting and telling stories during these precious chapters in families lives. I pray that I can only continue to do what I love!

This was the beautiful birth of Edris. It was a long birth where some of the hours are blurred but what better way to look back and remember such a momentous occasion but through photographs. If I could only say one thing about this birth it would be that these two people danced so beautifully together. Their support and reliance on one another was flawless. It was such a joy watching them bring their first daughter into the world<3



























The Birth of Edris from Angelina Lopez on Vimeo.