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Studio Tour with Tami Wilson Photography

It’s time to tour another studio space! We hope you are enjoying our new Studio Tour series – we know we are! Please help us welcome member Tami Wilson Photography! Tami is a maternity, newborn and baby photographer based out of Denver, Colorado.

Let’s learn more about Tami and tour her beautiful studio space!

How did you become a photographer?

After my son was born I took a break from my career to stay home with him.  I starting getting the itch to work again and had already been bitten by the photography bug.  So, it really was a natural progression from a hobby/passion into a business.  It just made sense to me because I still wanted to have a flexible work schedule and work doing something I love.


How long have you been in business?

4 years


How long have you had your studio?

Just a little over a year.


Where is it located?

 It’s located in my home in our walk out basement.


What do you photograph in your studio?

Maternity, newborns and babies under one year of age.


Do you use natural light or studio light in your studio?

I use studio lights.


How long did it take to build/finish your studio space? 

The basement itself has been a work in progress since we moved here seven years ago.  My handy husband laid the hardwood floors and when we decided to restructure it for my studio he built a few half walls for me and finished off the columns to give it a more cozy feel.  I was up and running about two months after I decided to use the space as my studio.  However, it has been reorganized several times over the past year to make it work best for my session workflow.  I think I’m done for a while now though!


How would you describe your studio space?

The space itself is pretty large at 1500 square feet, which I absolutely love but it’s, warm and inviting thanks to the sectioned areas.  The majority of my clients just had a baby and I really wanted an area that felt more like home to them so they feel comfortable and can relax.  Many times they hang out on the large sectional couch in the lounge area and take a little snooze. Which I think is fantastic.  


Did you have a certain vision in mind when creating your space? 

Besides creating a cozy environment for my clients I knew I wanted the space to be simple with a few modern yet traditional touches. 


What is your favorite thing about your studio space?

This is a tough one!  Besides just the fact that I have a studio overall is amazing to me and something I am so thankful for.  I think my favorite thing though is that it’s in my home and I can work anytime I need and that works best for my family’s schedule.  Again, allowing me the flexibility that I love so much about my business.


Thank you Tami for sharing with us! 


Tami Wilson Photography


Do you have a rockin' studio you want to share with our community?! We want to see where your magic happens! This series is open to the general public and members! If you would like to see your business and studio featured on our public blog please send submissions to with the subject "Studio Tour". Let's see your rockin' space!