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Studio Tour with Bump Meet Baby Photography

This week we tour inside another newborn photographer’s studio! This time we had the opportunity to tour the studio of Tamara Hart with Bump Meet Baby Photography out of Goose Creek, South Carolina (right outside Charleston). Tamara focuses on maternity, newborn and birth photography. Tamara is a self-taught natural light photographer with two little kiddos (ages 7 & 4) and has been married for 9 years.

Let’s get to know more about Tamara and tour her beautiful space…

How did you become a photographer?

I was Tam-the-Cam in high school because I photographed everything with a Kodak Advantix camera. I was so cool I could take pictures in panorama! I know its cliche but after my son was born 7 years ago I really wanted to start capturing him in the way I saw in the magazines, but it wasn't until after my daughter was born 4 years ago that I really started concentrating on newborn photography.

How long have you been in business?

4 years

How long have you had your studio?

1 year

Where is it located?

Goose Creek, South Carolina, which is about 20miles outside of Charleston

What do you photograph in your studio?

I photograph newborns, maternity, 1st birthday's, and milestone mini sessions at the studio

Do you use natural light or studio light in your studio?

All natural light. I have always been too intimidated to learn studio lighting.

How long did it take to build/finish your studio space?

It took about 5 weeks from when I got the keys to my first client in the studio. We worked from 8pm-2am on the space, as I was full time in the Navy at the time of renovation. I am very grateful to have some amazing friends that helped me paint, spackle, and sand until the wee hours of the morning.

How would you describe your studio space?

My studio is my happy place. I love hearing the sighs and coo's from clients when they first walk in. It’s quiet, soft and has beautiful light. It is peaceful and simplistic and it inspires me to capture my newborns in the same way. I don't use backdrop stands or studio lighting and I like to keep my shooting space pretty bare.

Did you have a certain vision in mind when creating your space?

I had to have a lot of creative vision when I was working on this space. The building is professional office building so the color choices and carpets all had to go and I replaced all the flooring and baseboards as well. I chose this place because it is about five minutes from my home and it had these huge windows. I really wanted everything to be cream/white with rustic wood elements (note the raw tree branches over the windows) and soft natural pops of green. I didn't want it to look like a photography studio with rolls of paper, props and every kind of product available all over the walls. Most parents tell me it looks like could be a yoga studio or art gallery with just my canvases on the walls.

What is your favorite thing about your studio space?

The light. Oh that soft buttery light first thing in the morning just gets me every time. Some times I sit with a cup of coffee before a session and just stare at my shooting space and I want to pinch myself. I am so thankful for this place, and beyond grateful that it shares its magic with me.


Thank you for sharing with us, Tamara!!


If you would like to share your studio (big or small!) with our community please e-mail us at with the subject “Studio Tour”. We look forward to featuring you!