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Spotlight Vendor: Modern Rag Quilts


1. Tell us about your business! What kind of products/props do you offer?  



What makes them stand out from the rest?


We offer a variety of frilly and shabby chic props. Our most popular products are rag quilts, shabby banners and backdrops. We also offer shabby canopy's, ruffle bed skirts, snugglers, wraps, rag rugs and a few tiebacks from time to time.


We know the "secret" to a newborn photographers heart. PROPS and FABRIC! They might not admit it, especially if their Mr. Husband is around, but we know how they are ALL fabric are we!!


2. How did you get started in the prop vendor industry?


My Sister - Staci Bailey Photography! In 2011, my boyfriend bought me a sewing machine and the first item I made was a rag quilt. When I showed my sister the quilt, she demanded I make her a bunch of mini quilts for her newborn photos. After seeing these tiny rag quilts in professional photos, the rest was history! I WAS HOOKED!!


3. Where do you find your inspiration for your creations?


Outfits/clothes. I usually see a really cute outfit and say "those colors would be divine in a quilt!"


4. What is YOUR favorite product/prop that you offer?


Rag Quilts hands down!! We sell a lot of quilts to Mom's, Grandmas, Aunties etc.... I love the thought of making items that could be in the family for a very long time. Sounds corny, but it truly warms my soul.  


5. Do you work with a group of photographers to photograph your products?



If so, name your 3 faves and what you love about their work.


YES, we absolutely do! We wouldn't be in business with my photos......LOL. I'm still learning how to take a picture! We work with so many AMAZING photographers. The ones we have worked with the most are:

1) Staci Bailey Photography - The one that started me in this journey and I can't THANK her enough! Her work is so crisp and clean, my favorite style!

2) Janine Leigh Photography - We just started working with her and she is AMAZING! I'm a little bit obsessed! She brings a clean and warm feeling to all of her photos. 

3) Dewdrops Photography - She is hands down a legend in the Newborn Photography world. She will always be one of my favorites with her creamy and soft tones. She is also one of the nicest people on earth.

4) Nicole Smith Photography - She creates the creamiest and dreamiest photos ever. I always drool over her work!



6. Please share with us your top 5 favorite images featuring your creations.



Why are they your favorites?


1) Staci Bailey Photography - featuring a custom made Rag Quilt. I can't get enough of this color combo, mixed with this adorable little girls skin tone. Dreamy!! 

2) Nicole Smith Photography - featuring our Bella backdrop. I almost fell out of my chair when this photo was first released. See what I mean about being the creamiest and dreamiest around?

3) Dewdrops Photography - featuring our champagne vintage rag quilt. I'm smitten over this photo because of the warm colors and adorable baby. This was the first product Amy ever used of ours and I seriously couldn't stop smiling!

4) Janine Leigh Photography - featuring our Janine backdrop. I'm head over heels with this photo. Can you see why I am obsessed with her work?! Drool!

5) Keri Myers Photography - featuring our Kiss Of Sparkle layering set. I am in love with how clean this photo is. I love how she made it neutral, but yet there is just a kiss of sparkle in it. This was the first product Keri ever used of ours. I'm over the moon looking at this photo!

7. Share with us your website and social media links so we can check you out!



ShopFacebook  | NewbornPhotography.comInstagram 



8. Tell us about YOU! Who are you other than a prop vendor?


I am a career driven junkie!! I live, eat, breathe and drink my work. I am trying to take a step back and smell the roses, but it's super hard when you love what you do. I seriously wake up thinking about sewing. LOL........Yes I know I sound like a grandma!



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