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Spotlight Vendor: Love is Props


1. Tell us about your business! What kind of products/props do you offer?  



What makes them stand out from the rest?


Love is Props is a tiny little shop filled with magic and beauty for maternity and newborn sessions. Currently offering from newborn headbands and rompers to floral belly sashes. We're currently working hard on expanding and adding new items to our shop! There are so many talented women and amazing shops out there but I think what stands mine out is how very different all my pieces are from eachother. Although I have a style I love the most, I try my hardest to make sure there's variety in my shop, ALWAYS!


2. How did you get started in the prop vendor industry?


Creating has always been my passion! What really got me going in this industry was helping my sister with my newborn niece! I wanted every headband out there for her, in every color for every occasion! I started putting pretties together and thought... Wow! This is therapeutic! Did a little research and just started creating! So glad I decided to give this a shot!

With every order placed in my shop, there's literally a piece of me in studios everywhere! I love that!


3. Where do you find your inspiration for your creations?


I find inspiration all around me. In art, photography, colors and patterns and even simple runs to the local craft shop on my lunch break from work! For me inspiration is a gift that's so easy to miss... sometimes you have to really look hard to find it but most times it's right before you, everywhere!


4. What is YOUR favorite product/prop that you offer?


Hmmm... That's a toughie! I really love most of my pieces! Naming one would really be diffucult but if I had to really choose, I'd probably say my Lorelei Tieback. So simple yet photographs beautifully! Another one I really love is my Gracie. She's dainty and petite. One of my most popular yet!


5. Do you work with a group of photographers to photograph your products?



If so, name your 3 faves and what you love about their work.


I do currently work with a few photographers. Although I have many favorites, these three ladies bring my visions to life and nail it Every. Single. Time! I feel their style in photography compliments my work very well! I love getting back beautiful photos. They're like my trophies and it keeps me going!

Stefanie Jayne Photography

Maren Sara Photography

Forever Photos by Ivette


6. Please share with us your top 5 favorite images featuring your creations.



Why are they your favorites?


Here are just five to name a few... featuring my beautiful Momma Mia Belly Sash and Lorelei Tieback, Just Peachy Tieback, Gracie Headband, Lorelei Tieback and Rosalie Tieback.

I love how each photographer brought these to life and made them their own!


7. Share with us your website and social media links so we can check you out!



ShopFacebook | Instagram 



8. Tell us about YOU! Who are you other than a prop vendor?


I am a mother to three wonderful kids and wife to an amazing man, who I happen to know since the fourth grade! I work full time at a long-term care pharmacy and as you can imagine, life is always hectic. Lucky for everyone, my hidden talent is "Balancing Act Master"! I'm funny and goofy and love to make others laugh! I love to have a good time and as long as my squad of 4 is with me, I have fun wherever I am!



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