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Spotlight Vendor: Inspired by Adele



1. Tell us about your business! What kind of products/props do you offer?  



What makes them stand out from the rest?


Our main prop focus are Upcycles. We love repurposing sweaters and fabrics into hats, pant sets, rompers and most recently cuddle sets. We turn old into new again! I like to think our creativity and style sets us apart. We get great feedback on the quality of our items. We are trend setters, our ideas turn into reality when we use our imaginations. We are always sketching and creating our new ideas.


2. How did you get started in the prop vendor industry?


Adele, my daughter who is now 3 1/2 years old, was born on August 1, 2011. In preparation for some adorable newborn photos, I taught myself crocheting, took a couple knitting lessons and made some props for her newborn photos. I ended up bartering a photo shoot with some amazing photographers (Kristin Gibson & Jennifer Moher), they loved all my creations. They encouraged me to start selling them so I went home and opened my Facebook page. Finally in 2013, I succeeded in talking my sister Gloria into joining me, and most recently our childhood friend Cindy. Since then, the three of us have been able to excel and achieve things we never thought possible!


3. Where do you find your inspiration for your creations?


I find inspiration in everything! I can't look at anything without wondering how I can turn it into something to be used as a prop. From sweaters, fabrics, yarns, buttons (I am a button hoarder). Our ideas are inspirations from everyday life!


4. What is YOUR favorite product/prop that you offer?


My favourite set has to be our Nautical Upcycle Set! It can be made in and used in so many variations that it is never tiring and in fact is our most popular set!


5. Do you work with a group of photographers to photograph your products?



If so, name your 3 faves and what you love about their work.


I love and appreciate many photographers, new and old. I have the best customers ever!! I work with many great photographers but my three favourite 'locals' are:

Jenn Austin Driver (Jenn Austin - Driver Photography) is wicked, pure and simple. Her work is timeless! She never fails me!

Shelly Ferguson (Shelly Ferguson Photography) is pure perfection! Anytime I make something soft and white, I think of her!

Jenn Pike Munro (Jenn Munro Photography) is fantastic! She is one of the first photographers I worked with and her work is outstanding!



6. Please share with us your top 5 favorite images featuring your creations.



Why are they your favorites?


My favourites change all the time, but here are the top 5 for sure.

#1 I just received this image today, I had previously chosen another of Jenn's photos with a white cuddle bunny of mine, but this little fox trumps the bunny. 

#2 I love all of Lisa Nelly's work but this image of our Nautical set is amazing!! Lisa captured the detail in this outfit perfectly.

#3 This is one of my first rompers and I fell in love with it! Michelina does amazing work and was even able to talk me into making her some tiebacks, she is pretty persuasive.

#4 Sometimes we get so excited about an outfit and can't wait to see it in use, this is one of those and Shannon went all out. This image is just perfect.

#5 Speaks for itself, this is exactly how I feel at the end of the day and Sherena captured it perfectly!


7. Share with us your website and social media links so we can check you out!



Facebook  | Instagram | Google+



8. Tell us about YOU! Who are you other than a prop vendor?


I am a 36 year old mother of 6 (Brooke 16, Lindsey 15, Katrina 12, Thomas 10, Ella 8, Adele 3). My husband (Tom) and I have been together for just shy of 20 years! I was a stay at home mom for 15 years before returning to college (with my sister) and becoming a PSW (personal support worker). We returned to school in 2012, graduated in 2013 and were hired at the same retirement home within 2 months after graduation. Where we both still work and love it!

Random Facts

I love reading, when I find time!

I won 2nd place in a demolition derby (the only woman of 18 drivers).

I LOVE being pregnant and don't mind the delivery either!

I'm a reformed lifelong nail biter!

I wear pjs more than clothes (except to Walmart!!)

Coffee is my addiction.

I have sewn 90% of my children's halloween costumes.

I rarely wear makeup (does eyeliner count?).

I hate wine.

I am still bff's with my bff from grade 8 (Love you JODIE!!).

I make up random verses to...Let it Go!

I embarrass my children regularly....intentionally:)



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