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Spotlight Vendor: April's Yarnables


1. Tell us about your business! What kind of products/props do you offer?  



What makes them stand out from the rest?


I pretty much only offer felted items at this point. I knit my items first and then felt them. I offer more than 10 styles of hats. Mostly newborn but larger sizes if requested. I have just release a new Felted Flower Tassel Mobile named "Fleur de Avril" which is a heart shaped mobile made up of 9 tassels made of lace, sari, material and hand felted flowers. It is an original made at the request of Newborn Photographer Robin Long, Salem Oregon. Most of my hats can be used for boys and girls. I am a hippie at heart and love felted items. It does my heart so good to see items that I have been able to make with my own 2 hands.


2. How did you get started in the prop vendor industry?


My best friend was a newborn photographer and asked me to make her a hat and that was the beginning! After retiring from being a flight attendant I wanted to do something creative and this is what The Good Lord gave me! : )


3. Where do you find your inspiration for your creations?


From memories of days gone by. Also, I try my best to make hats that are convertible boy to girl to help the photographers.


4. What is YOUR favorite product/prop that you offer?


My Felted Bowler/Fedora is probably what I should say but I am very excited about my new "Robin Shawl" and "Fleur Avril" Tassle Mobile. BOth of these items have my hand felted flowers for their POP. My poor hands are giving out from so much knitting so I am pleased to hand felt these flowers.


5. Do you work with a group of photographers to photograph your products?



If so, name your 3 faves and what you love about their work.


1~Newborn Photographer, Robin Long Salem Oregon~Robing has requested me to make items for her and that has been so encouraging for me. Robin is "Classy", what else can I say? To ask to sponsor Robin has been a Blessing.

2~Dewdrops Photography by Amy McDaniel, Amy is just so down to earth. I love how approachable she is. She has photographed several of my hats even though they really aren't her "style". I love that she has been open to my hats reguardless of her style.

3~JME Portraits Jamie is the real deal. She allowed me and a friend to sit in on her session while we were in town doing a Trunk Show. It was so much fun. I love that Jamie doesn't have to stick to one style. If she wants to photograph something, she does it. She is true to herself and I really admire that.

 So many more.....



6. Please share with us your top 5 favorite images featuring your creations.



Why are they your favorites?


"Fleur de Avril" my newest item, hand felted flowers added to tassels in a heart shape hung from driftwood. LOVE it!

"The Robin Shawl" Silk/chiffon shawl with hand felted flowers attached, used for maternity and then on baby.

Cream Felted Bowler, this is the photo that got my felted items noticed! Thanx Son Kissed Photography! <3

The next 2 are my Felted Snowman Top Hats. One in black and one in cream. I cannot tell you how many black snowmen hats I've made. The cream one was introduced at the end of the Christmas season 2014. I love the cream one, so classy!

7. Share with us your website and social media links so we can check you out!






8. Tell us about YOU! Who are you other than a prop vendor?


I'm an ole broad loving life. I was a motorcycle riding girl when girls didn't ride bikes. I worked on cars, I was a church pianist and I homeschooled my 3 kids and my husband!!

I was a caregiver for my ailing parents through their later years (what a blessing that was). I became a flight attendant at the age of 42! WOW! Retired with lifetime flying benefits~that was my goal!. I am knitting my fingers off and loving it. It blesses me to see items that I have been allowed to make photographed all over the world. And.......tomorrow I'm picking up a spinning wheel, never used one but it will be fun learning!



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