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Spotlight Photographer: The Newborn Studio


1. How did you get started in photography and when did you start your business?  

Like many photographers, after the birth of my daughter I was just drawn to capturing every moment of her first few years. I knew she would change so fast, and I wanted to hold onto all those memories forever. I find my passion is now to give families that same joy. I love every moment of it!


2. Where are you located? Do you have a studio space or do you shoot on-location?

I am located in Flowood, Mississippi. I currently shoot on-location all natural light. We have big plans to open a natural light studio within the next year.


3. What do you shoot with and what are your favorite lenses?


I shoot with a Canon 7D & Canon 5D Mark II. My favorite lens is the Sigma Art 50mm 1.4.


4. What drew you to newborn photography? Do you photograph anything else?


When I started photography, I did it all. I shot weddings, families, even clients pets! After my first newborn session it just hit me. THIS is what I love. Every session is different, every baby is different. I specialize in maternity & newborns, but I still do family sessions when my calendar allows it.


5. How would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration?


warm, natural, airy, loving

I find inspiration everywhere. I love it has a great group of women who share the same passion.


6. Have you taken any photography workshops/training?


No workshops, but I plan to attend one next year.

I have a few videos from Keri Meyers that have helped tremendously! Sometimes it's nice just to have some fresh ideas.


7. Where do you like to shop for props? Do you have favorite vendors?


I love Etsy. I love working with small shop owners. Currently I'm really into Edna Magdalene. Her pant sets are PRECIOUS! I'm looking forward to my order from them.


8. What are three things you wish someone would have told you when starting out?

That you can't control every aspect of your business 100%.

There will be copy cats, and that's just part of the game.

Finding your style is key, and when you do .. own it!


and work very hard. I'm confident success will come if you're all in  

9. What are your favorite things about How long have you been a member?


I've been a member since June 2015. I love the critique boards! Having another set of eyes on your work is amazing and really helpful. I also love the image search!! That's probably my favorite part. You can search by wrap, color, studio, etc. LOVE IT.



10. Please share with us your Top 5 Favorite Images. Why are they your favorites?

Sometimes an image just speaks to me. Whether it's the light, the feeling you get from it, or how content the people are that i'm photographing. I would have to say these are currently my favorite images, but we know as photographers this changes daily!


11. What is your photography site and url?


Website  |  Facebook  |  NBP Profile | Instagram 



12. Lastly, tell us about YOU! Who are you other than a photographer?


I am a mom, madly in love with my husband. He is my biggest supporter. We both work really hard, but still plan dates during the week just to wind down and get back to us. My 7 year old daughter is my world. She truly inspires me daily to be a better mom, to enjoy life, and to laugh. Growing up I wanted to be a Vet so bad I could taste it, but being a mom came first and I wouldn't' change that for the world. I love Cups which is similar so Starbucks, only better ;) They have a coffee called "Blondie" and it's my life. My dream is to go to Puget Sound and watch Orcas in the wild. You could say it's on my bucket list.

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