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Spotlight Photographer: Maxine Evans Photography


1. How did you get started in photography and when did you start your business?


I began my photography career in my twenties as a tourism photographer. I photographed dive resorts and beach hotels for brochures, way before the internet. Yes, I'm that old! It was a wonderful opportunity to travel and I loved photographing people enjoying their vacations! I started my portrait business in 1998 when I got married and settled down.


2. Where are you located? Do you have a studio space or do you shoot on-location?


My studio is located in North West Los Angeles. I am very fortunate to be able to offer my clients a beautiful 1700 sq foot space in a very cool old artist building. It's only a couple miles from my home, which is really nice.


3. What do you shoot with and what are your favorite lenses?


I shoot with Canon. I mainly use the 5DIII and Canon's nifty 50 (1.2). If I could figure out how to bolt that lens to my camera I would!

My other favorite lens is the 70-200.


4. What drew you to newborn photography? Do you photograph anything else?


A few years ago a portrait client asked me to photograph their new baby, I figured how hard could that be? Laugh out loud! Regardless of how awful I did, I was hooked. 

I really only photograph maternity through 12 months, but for my clients that have been with me for several years I will do what ever they need.


5. How would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration?


Oh gosh, that's a tough question. I do tend to be on the less is more side of things and everything I seem to produce comes out in what seems to be a pastel. But, I feel ever changing. I never want to stop learning or being creative so I'm am constantly trying new things. Sometimes it turns out ok and sometimes not!

I find inspiration everywhere but my main inspiration comes from being raised with a creative family. My mom is a wonderful artist and my dad was a very famous jazz pianist.


6. Have you taken any photography workshops/training?


Yes. I have also been mentored by a friend (master photographer) for over 20 years. Again, I feel like you can never stop learning! If I had the time and the budget I would take a workshop a couple times a year. I'm highly dyslexic, to the point of it being a major handicap so visual learning works best for me.

7. Where do you like to shop for props? Do you have favorite vendors?


Oh gosh, if I list my favorites I will definitely end up leaving people out.


8. What are three things you wish someone would have told you when starting out?


How expensive it is to run a legitimate small photography business.



9. What are your favorite things about How long have you been a member?


I just joined a couple months ago and I just love it. I love the positive and encouraging vibe of the site! Also, I love all the information and vendors here.



10. Please share with us your Top 5 Favorite Images. Why are they your favorites?


It's so hard to choose images that are my favorite because I have an emotional attachment to my clients and their images but here are a few of what I feel reflects my style and personality.


11. What is your photography site and url?


Website  |  Facebook  |  NBP Profile | Twitter | Google+ | Instagram



12. Lastly, tell us about YOU! Who are you other than a photographer?


I am a wife, a daughter and a sister. I also pride myself in being an animal advocate. Up until my horrific riding accident last year I would have also said I am a successful competitive equestrian. So at the moment, I'm trying to figure out who I am without horses in my life. Luckily, there's just that something about a newborn baby that makes all life's little issues go away.

Babies are everything that is right in this world.

Thank you for reading a little about me,

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