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Spotlight Photographer: Bump Meet Baby Photography


1. How did you get started in photography and when did you start your business?


I was known as 'Tam the Cam' in High School as I was always taking pictures (with my awesome Kodak Advantix) and naturally after I had my son in 2006 I wanted photos of him that looked like the ones in the baby magazines that magically appeared in my mailbox. I bought a Nikon D50 (with only the kit lens) and spent countless hours online learning everything I could like: What was 'aperture', what the heck is an exposure triangle and what magical setting could I put my camera on to give me that 'blurry background' look? It wasn't until my daughter was born in 2009 that newborn photography became what I wanted to do. After finishing my Active Duty time in the Navy I decided to put everything I had into it and opened my studio in 2012.


2. Where are you located? Do you have a studio space or do you shoot on-location?


I live about 20miles outside the beautiful and historically rich area of Charleston, SC and I currently rent a 1200 sq ft commercial space for my studio. It has 6 rooms and huge windows and it is my happy place. I mainly photograph newborns and milestone mini sessions out of the studio but I also have access to beautiful outdoor areas right next to my studio that allows me to pop out during a newborn session to capture a few images outdoors (weather permitting). Maternity sessions and family sessions are usually photographed on location. We don't live in a great neighborhood and have a small home, so working from home wasn't an option and I got tired of lugging my things around for newborn sessions. Once I opened up the studio everything fell into place for me and it has been a dream come true.


3. What do you shoot with and what are your favorite lenses?


I am a Nikon girl and have been since the beginning. I shoot with Nikon D800 and D700 and recently fell in love with the new D750. I am a prime lens lover and favorites currently are Sigma 35mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4, 60mm 2.8 macro and my trusty 50mm 1.4g.


4. What drew you to newborn photography? Do you photograph anything else?


I specialize in capturing maternity, birth and newborn photography but I follow my newborns (and their families) as they grow over the years. I have been photographing some families for 5years now and it has been so amazing to watch them grow and be apart of their journeys.


5. How would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration?


I love capturing newborns simply and 'unadorned': no hats, headbands, costumes or clothes. I love white, cream and organic browns in earthy green backgrounds. I love beautiful light and I am inspired by the babies themselves mostly. I know of several amazing photographers and I am a huge fan of their work, but I purposely hide images from my newsfeed on social media because I don't want to unconsciously compare myself. As creatives I feel like we can be sensitive to what is being put out around us I want to stay focused on my work and be true to my own voice.


6. Have you taken any photography workshops/training?


My studio and newborn work is completely self-taught, but I had the honor of meeting one Carrie Sandoval and Britt Woodall of Baby As Art in 2009 when they did a little maternity session with me when I was pregnant with my daughter. I also got to meet Michelle of Pinkletoes Photography in 2013 mainly because I just wanted to finally meet her in person and I love her style with families and lifestyle imagery.

7. Where do you like to shop for props? Do you have favorite vendors?


I don't tend to use a lot props in my imagery with the exception of baskets for sibling posing or outside imagery and I have a few from JD Vintage props but other than I like to make things or just use ripped up white sheets.


8. What are three things you wish someone would have told you when starting out?


Don't give it all away.

Hire a bookkeeper.

Be true to yourself.



9. What are your favorite things about How long have you been a member?




10. Please share with us your Top 5 Favorite Images. Why are they your favorites?



Top Right. This image is my favorite because it's of my own kiddos. They are my world.

Middle Right. I am so proud of this image because the baby was 90% posed by a photographer I was mentoring in my studio that day and to be able to teach and share my passion for newborns is so fulling to me.

Bottom Right. I love this image because it reminds me that an image doesn't have to be perfectly posed for it to be worthy of capturing and that babies like to pose themselves :)

Top Left. There is womb-like wonder with this image and there is something about capturing a newborn in a way that looks similar to how they spent the previous few months that I love.

Bottom Left. This image is a favorite because it reminds me that there is beauty in the undone.


11. What is your photography site and url?


Website  |  Facebook  |  NBP Profile | Instagram



12. Lastly, tell us about YOU! Who are you other than a photographer?


I love cupcakes, audiobooks (currently obsessed with Outlander), HGTV, caffeine and California rolls. I hate laundry, dishes and taking out the trash. I got married at the age of 20 to the love of my life (just celebrated 11yrs of wedded bliss), spent 13yrs in the Navy and I am the mommy to Owen (age 8) and Ava (age 9). I am Disney obsessed and already planning another trip (even though we just got back) and I have creative ADD which means I randomly do crazy things like teach myself to sew/crochet/knit or remodel a bathroom/kitchen. I am currently not allowed to be in Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Lowes unsupervised because of it :)

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