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Spotlight Photographer: Amanda Puskar Photography


1. How did you get started in photography and when did you start your business?


I started my business officially in January 2013. But I have been shooting for several years before that. When I started I only wanted to shoot weddings. Boy-- I quickly realized weddings were not for me! I live in a tourist area of Florida (well, I guess the whole state is tourist area)- :) I shoot a lot of family beach sessions all year long. But over the last year I have really been focusing on Newborns and Children. I love them. I feel like every newborn session I do I learn something else. I love seeing my progress too! In January, 3 years ago, I took the leap of faith and quit my full time job to pursue my own Photography Business. And I haven't looked back since!


2. Where are you located? Do you have a studio space or do you shoot on-location?


I am located in Panama City Beach, FL. Spring Break capitol! Vacation destination to snow birds as far away as Quebec Canada! I have a studio located on my house property that I built last year. I shoot all my newborns in this studio along with all my children and cake smash sessions. Families and vacationers I shoot on location on the beach during Golden Hour.


3. What do you shoot with and what are your favorite lenses?


I currently shoot with the Nikon D800. I love it! I upgraded last year from the D300 when I decided to go full frame. I can't imagine not shooting with it now. My favorite lens would be my 50 mm f/1.8 D lens. It is an older model but so fast and clear. When I am on the beach shooting, I do not change lenses. It is my fear that I will drop them or my camera in the sand. Yikes! Instead, I move myself all around to get different distances and angles. It just works for me.

I have a whole case full of lenses that I just never use too. My goal this year is to buy a fish eye and a Lensbaby. :)


4. What drew you to newborn photography? Do you photograph anything else?


I am not really sure what it was that drew me to newborns. When I started out I really wasn't interested in studio shoots or babies! But I shot one for a friend and I was pretty much hooked after that! Newborns are a lot of work.. Every newborn photographer knows that. I would like to gear my business to only newborns and children within 5 years. But before that can happen I need lots more guidance! I do photograph from birth all the way to Seniors. I do not shoot weddings. I started a boudoir division of my business at the end of 2014. It is really taking off and I couldn't be happier with that as well.


5. How would you describe your style? Where do you find inspiration?


My style... well I feel like I am still finding my style. I loved posed newborn images. But I am quickly learning that the natural color bean bag blankets etc look way better. My inspiration comes from watching and studying many of my favorite newborn photographers. Keri Meyers, Alicia Gould, LB Studios, Jennifer Nace... so many!


6. Have you taken any photography workshops/training?


I have not. It is on my wish list for 2015. I have a few in mind that I would like to take. I really feel like that could help take my newborn photography to the next level.

7. Where do you like to shop for props? Do you have favorite vendors?


My very favorite vendor for my newborn hats and covers is Lizzy Lou's.

She is awesome! I send her pictures of crocheted things and within just a few days she is ready to ship the identical items to me! And her pricing is so fair!

For my baskets, bowls, and blankets I shop at Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshalls a lot! They are my very favorite stores!

My husband is a great wood worker, so he has made both my baby beds, a wagon, a boat, a curved bench, a chair etc. I can show him an idea and he goes right to work on it!


8. What are three things you wish someone would have told you when starting out?


Truly I wish someone would have told me what blankets photograph well and which don't. I can't tell you how much money I have spend on that stuff! Also, the bean bag. I upgraded from a Walmart bean bag to a newborn poser bag 2 years ago. Oh my what a difference! Love!



9. What are your favorite things about How long have you been a member?


I have been eyeing this site for about 6 months. But I just wasn't sure about joining. But with the new years comes new goals. This year my main goal is working on my newborn work. So I thought, what better place than newborn I just signed up last week. And so far i love it! It is so nice to be surrounded by newborn photographers that are simply amazing! True inspiration.



10. Please share with us your Top 5 Favorite Images. Why are they your favorites?


I feel like each and every one of these 5 images show my improvement in the industry. I feel like my post processing is shown to be pretty clear and defined. As well as my style.


11. What is your photography site and url?


Website  |  Facebook  |  NBP Profile  | Instagram | Google+



12. Lastly, tell us about YOU! Who are you other than a photographer?


Who am I? Well, I am a mother of 3 children. 11, 8 and 8. (no not twins... the middle 8 year old is my step daughter). My oldest, 11 year old is an actress. My youngest is my son who is my baby. :) I used to be a bookkeeper by trade. I am a wife to my husband and business partner of 4 years. I have a big dog, Faith... she is a weimaraner and she is 106 lbs of baby! I also have 2 cats. They are the prince and princess of the house. I am originally from Pennsylvania but relocated to Florida in 1998. I have been here ever since. I used to be a Photographer's assistant many years ago. I was the one on the beach holding the reflector and the wind took me away! I served as PTA president with my kids school for 3 years. But had to resign when I started my business because I was too busy. That is a good thing!


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