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September Mentor: Milk & Honey Photography

We are excited to welcome Lisa Digeso from Milk & Honey Photography as our mentor this month!  As well as being an accomplished photographer Lisa is also a highly sought after mentor offering workshops on topics such as newborn posing, studio lighting, and outdoor lighting through her company "The Milky Way".

Take a peek a this Q&A blog with Lisa, and join me in welcoming her into our awesome community! 


Q- Describe your personal 'style' to us.

A- organic, cozy, soft & pretty


Q- Do you use natural light, or studio light? Do you prefer one over the other and why?

A-  I use both and teach online courses on both, it really depends on the weather outside, I have a natural light studio I adore but sometimes on those dark rainy Canadian winter days I need to pull out by lights.


Q- What's in your bag? (What camera and equipment do you use)

A-  Nikon D3s, Nikon D700, 50mm 1.4 g 105 macro, 35 1.4G, 85 1.4G. 135 F2, 28-75 F2.8


Q- What is your favorite pose, and why? What image do you tend to sell the most of?

A- My favorite is chin on wrists I love the sweet & peaceful feel of it.

What sells the most is typically babies in parents hands, I have sold a lot of canvases of babies in parents hands.


Q- What is your biggest challenge as a Newborn Photographer, and how do you strive to overcome it?

A- The biggest challenge would be scheduling. Because I never know when babies are coming I am difficult to make plans with! 


Q - What advice would you give to other newborn photographers, just starting out?

A -  Don't rush to go into business right away, make sure you have achieved a certain level ( ie properly exposed, in focus well composed images).


Q- What are some of your favourite prop vendors?

A- I adore Lillian Grace, Devoted Knits, Veronika G, Baby Joy, FAAS, and Just Hatched designs.


Q- Tell us about your mentoring sessions, what do you teach, and what do your students learn?

A- My online courses are all at we have 4 courses available this September, one on business, ones on posing newborns, one on outdoor natural light, and one on indoor light ( both natural & strobes) I absolutely love running our online courses, we have had over 1000 amazing students, and I love seeing their growth! 


To learn more about Lisa, visit her website