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Quick Writing Tips for Your Photography Blog

Quick Writing Tips for Your Photography Blog

Brooke Bohinc


I love words. There are few things in this world that can stir up emotions and create change quite like words can. Photography is one of those other things that can knock someone off their feet and make them shed tears in the same moment. Both tools for engaging with people and their stories are impactful and have the capability to remain long after their creator.


I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of creative people, many of whom are photographers. As we talk about our work and passions, my friends often share that they feel stuck when it comes to creating unique and interesting content for their professional blogs that house all the creative and engaging pictures they take.


As a professional writer and editor, I wanted to give them and you some tips to make the writing part of your work easier.




Focus on the details.


As a photographer, you are built to notice the little things–the way the light creates the perfect shadow, the hidden smile in someone’s eyes. That’s what you need to do within your writing.


What do you notice about the families you take pictures of? How do the parents engage with their kids? What clothes or accessories did the parents bring for their newborn’s photoshoot? Is there a reason for the color, pattern, accessory, etc.? How does the family interact together?


These are the things to note, literally. If you don’t have time to write down the details you notice in the moment, have a notebook in your car or use the Notes app on your phone to jot down a few things as soon as you leave your sessions. You may think you’ll remember all the details, but we both know how busy you are! Let’s be realistic here. Save yourself the hassle by taking time immediately following your shoot to remember what made it feel so special. This will pay off in big ways later on when you sit down to write on your blog.


Ask more questions.


If you are going to spend an hour plus with people, you may as well get to know them a little. I’ve been on the receiving end of this during shoots, and I am always thrilled when the photographer asks me questions about my life. I’m not a natural in front of the camera, so the questions put me at ease and give me something else to focus on. This can be a win-win for you and your client.


What do the parents love about the ages their kids are at? Is there a story behind the name they chose for their baby? What does the name mean? Is there a reason the family wanted the photos taken in their family room, backyard, etc.?


Don’t be afraid to delegate.


We all feel special when people take a genuine interest in our life and family. When you initially talk with your client, ask them questions proactively. This is a great way to have some help with your future blog content with little to no work for you. Write out three to five questions that you send to each new client before or after their shoot. Some of the above questions I’ve already included would be great options.


Know your limits.


If writing isn’t your forte, lower the bar. Don’t make the standard for your blog a 500-word spread. You may grow to that, but you shouldn’t stress yourself out trying to get there. By writing less, you can make sure that what you are writing is sincere and thoughtful. No one wants to read fluffy content that’s only there for the sake of filling up space. It’s okay to set a different standard. So long as your content is good, it won’t matter that it’s one or two paragraphs instead of five or six.


The pictures you take are hands down your selling point, but you need to make sure the way you talk about your business and your clients is equally as compelling. Try out these tips and see how you can become more confident in your writing, whether you feel like it comes easily to you or not.



Author Bio:

Words matter. Brooke’s love for words is what prompted her to start her writing and editing business, Brooke Ellen, Inc. The site also houses her personal blog where she tackles everything from baking with a toddler on her hip to living intentionally in the hustle and bustle. 

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