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Pricing and “I love photography, not numbers”

Pricing and “I love photography, not numbers” 

If you are new to photography, it may surprise you to know that the time you spend running a photography business will be taken up mostly by business and less by photography. If you have been running a photography business for a while, I think that you’ll agree to this fact. 

 The vast majority of us get into photography because we are creative and visual. Those that are able to make their business flourish however, realize early on that they need to have a strong understanding of business in order to make their career successful.

Photographers are unique in the sense that we almost start our business backwards. The majority of successful businesses are founded by people who studied business first and then decided what they were going to sell second. For example, how many accountants do you know who decided one day “I’m good with numbers” and started their own accounting firm? Most accountants will go through extensive training and internships before they even considering starting their own company. With photography though, most don’t have formal business training, marketing experience, or a financial background. We just know that we love photography and want to do it full-time.

There are an unlimited number of resources on the topics of photography and business (this forum included), however in doing some research, I’ve been unable to find a definitive guide that clearly outlines a step-by-step process to pricing photography services and products. In addition, I’ve never found a resource that actually spelled out how to plan and organize your photography business volume.

In an attempt to help photographers take their business to the next level and start making a living from photography, Robert Nowell and I wrote a book called “Pricing for Profit” that was modelled after our popular seminar series with the same title. 

While nothing will replace the value of formal education, extensive research, continuing education courses, business workshops, and so on, our book is designed to be a means of taking the mystery out of pricing your photography for a profitable bottom line. 

Join me tomorrow night (Tuesday Nov. 12th at 9pmEST) in the member chat room, where I’ll help you uncover the most efficient way to price your photography work to make a viable living.