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October Monthly Mentor - Pumpkin Pie Photography

Each month we welcome one of the industries most successful mentors into our community - to help offer kind constructive criticism on our critique board, to answer questions from members in our forums area, and to lead a live chat during the month, to answer questions in real time!  This is a great opportunity for our members to learn from one of the industries best, and for us all to continue to perfect our craft of photographing newborn babies. 

This month we are thrilled to welcome Amanda Cutler of Pumpkin Pie Photography as our Monthly Mentor!  We absolutely love Amanda's photography (and her yummy business name!) and are excited to get to know her even better inside of!  


*Mark your calendars! We will be hosting a LIVE chat with Amanda on October 8th at 9pmEST!*  

Take a peek at this Q&A with Amanda, and help me in welcoming her into our community this month!

Q- When did you start photographing newborns? And why did you choose this field?

Although I started my business in 2008, I did not photograph my first newborn until February of 2009.  And newborns kind of chose me.  I had a good friend who asked me to photograph her new baby and after I posted those pictures it just blew up.  I had no idea that newborns would be my niche when I started my business.  It's been a crazy ride!

Q- Describe your personal 'style' to us.

Sweet and simple with baby as the focus, but with a fun splash of color or whimsy.  I love the combination of classic and fun.  And I love to make the session special for my client, to incorporate their themes or requests.


Q- Do you use natural light, or studio light? Do you prefer one over the other and why?

I use natural light... although I have been tempted to try studio light here lately.  I love the look of natural light, but the consistency of studio light sounds good some days.

Q- What's in your bag? (What camera and equipment do you use)

I am a Canon girl.  I have the Canon 5D Mark II and shoot newborns with a 50mm 1.4 lens.

Q- Can you share with use, some images of your studio and set up?

Q- What is your favorite pose, and why? What image do you tend to sell the most of?

I love the "taco" pose, where baby is folded over and lays on top of their little toes.  It just shows how squishy they are and shows every little feature.  I also love the versatility in shooting this pose.  But popularity favorite is definitely the little "froggie" pose with baby's head in their hands.  Every parent wants that one!


Q- What is your biggest challenge as a Newborn Photographer, and how do you strive to overcome it?

I would say the struggle with educating my clients, rather potential clients, of the importance of budgeting to hire a true newborn photographer.  It's a once in a lifetime moment and you should really hire someone who specializes in newborns.



Q - What advice would you give to other newborn photographers, just starting out?

To work on your work.  Make your work as perfect as you can and you will stand apart.  Quit worrying about your competition, their prices, how many fans they have on Facebook.  Challenge yourself to make your next newborn session better than the one before that!


 Q- What are some of your favourite prop vendors?

Oh gosh, soooo many... I love Sweet Pea Toad, Two Crafty Mamas, Pinkytinks, Little Lidz, Loopsy Daisy, Fancy Fabrics & Props, Cream of the Prop.  I am sure I am missing a ton, watch my Facebook page and I will tag as I use favorite items.


Q- Tell us about your mentoring sessions, what do you teach, and what do your students learn?

I take teaching very seriously.  I have been teaching for about 3 1/2 years now and truly adore the ladies that I teach.  I leave absolutely everything on the table when I teach, I am an open book and pour my heart and soul into those two days.  When they leave, I am utterly exhausted.  And I want them to leave knowing that I gave them everything.  My main goal is posing, posing, posing.  I want them to leave with a great understanding of the flow of posing that I do, why I do it, and understand the concepts of each pose.  But I share everything - my strengths, my struggles... I give them my insight into the business.


To view more of Amanda's work please visit her website: