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March Mentor: Alli Peck



I've always been a "left brain thinker". I would spend hours drawing as a child, excelled in English Literature in school, endless days scrapbooking my own children's pictures. Many years ago I had a friend ask me to help her document her pregnancy through her film camera - and I loved watching the light shape her belly. I never looked back after that day!



I enjoy using various props and keep them clean and streamlined. I try to keep the focus on the baby and not overwhelm the subject and see them as style pieces that complement the subject.  I love flowing looks in maternity and with newborns.  I would say my style is simple and soft.  I lean towards muted tones and softer colors.  When photographing a maternity session I pay very careful attention to my light and how it falls off to show the baby bump. 



I am studio light photographer and prefer the consistency of studio lighting over natural light



I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark iii, and have a Mark ii around as a backup. I love the Mark 3  with all the added focus points and the control it gives me, I couldn't be happier with it!. As for glass, in the studio I mostly use the Canon 50mm 1.4, it's fast and sharp. The 50 and my trusted 35L are my main studio shooting lenses, but when I venture outside, I really like the images from my 135L and my 70-200mm 2.8L.



 I love the 'taco' pose for newborns since it shows how they are curled up inside mama before birth




Finding a balance between work and my family. I'm a mom with 4 children, my oldest is special needs.  Balancing the needs of my family, with the business of being a photographer, is a constant challenge. 



Knowledge and consistency are key, and both of those can be gained through research. Research what others are doing to help build your knowledge, and research your own work history to help build consistency. With babies, posing safety is paramount, so learn how to safely make the images you want. Be honest with yourself about your motivations, because there are far more efficient ways to make money. Photography as a business grows from photography as a passion.



Devoted Knits, Beans Knots & Whatnots, Whimsy Hats-n-Bands, Wild Blossom Props



I have joined up with a wonderfully talented photographer Melissa Wells and together we are offering newborn and maternity lighting and posing workshops through The Newborn Experience at




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