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Featured Workshop: Be Unraveled

Featured Workshop: Be Unraveled 



Tell us a little about yourself/your business (how long have you been in business, where are you located, any special awards or features?)

Unraveled is an online workshop and unique photography school that was built to be different than any other photography learning experience. We embody a holistic approach to creative teaching that incorporates the mind, body and soul of each artist. We believe that community is one of the most beautiful and essential parts of creative living. We know that wherever one is on their creative journey, they can find a home with us.

The Unraveled Workshop starts June 26 and is an intensive 3 week course, after which students have the option of continuing their education for $10/month to be included in our Unraveled School, where we will host an amazing guest instructor each month, along with other learning opportunities.


What are you most known for?

We are known for embracing the perfectly imperfect parts of creative living. We believe that each artist has their own unique story to tell, and we want to help them tell it.


How long have you been mentoring?

Sarah Driscoll has been mentoring for 2 years and Coleen Hodges for 1 year. In addition to online mentoring, Coleen also teaches an in-person workshop.


What is your learning objective for your students?

We want our students to be uniquely themselves and to push past whatever fears are holding them back from creative freedom


Do you offer in person or online mentoring or both?

This workshop/school is all online.


Unraveled: A unique creative workshop + school for the whole photographer. from Coleen Hodges on Vimeo.

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