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Feature with Micheala Henrichs

                                                                                        We would like to introduce and feature our most recent image contest winner, Micheala Henrichs! 



 My name is Micheala Henrichs and I've been photographing weddings professionally for 10 years, families and children for 5 and newborns, professionally, for 2 years. I live in a small town in Nebraska and have a wonderful, supportive husband and 2 children, a son Gunner (7) and daughter, River (4). Newborns have become a passion of mine! I still love the 25 weddings and numerous family sessions I photograph in a year, but the prop obsession for newborns is real. I love the challenge and creativity that goes with posing a newborn and capturing those memories of how little they truly were. Without the online mentoring from Erin Tole Photography and Rachel Vanoven, I would not be at the level I am at today. I'm grateful for the opportunity from these ladies to offer up their expertise, time and love for photography and to allow me to learn from them! 


 1) Where did you get the inspiration for this pose? Baby Shelby's daddy has always been a huge fan of eating Krispy Kreme donuts.

2) How long did the setup take? One minute to set up. 20 minutes to correct. 

3) How did you possibly do that?! It was around Halloween, so I made a couple trips to our local Krispy Kreme to get some props (and donuts too). 
Day 1, They gave me a little box with the signature green dot pattern and their big hats, to which I sized down to fit her head and then I sized it down again in Photoshop. 
Day 2, I went for a bigger box, but they only had the large boxes in a bright Orange Halloween pattern and the donuts were covered in halloween colored sprinkle donuts. I wanted it to resemble the original Krispy Kreme, so I cut the original designed box to lay flat and then changed the colors of sprinkles in post production to resemble more girly colors, rather than Halloween. 
4) Is this a composite image? Absolutely! Safety is a huge priority in my work. 
5) Do you know if Krispy Kreme has seen it or do you plan to show it to them? Yes, they complimented me on the photo on Instagram. 
6) What is the story behind this photo? (is there any connection the parents have to Krispy Kreme) The parents do not and have never worked for Krispy Kreme. It's purely a love that daddy has for his Krispy Kreme donuts. Miguel, the father of Shelby is my cousin. I always knew his love for Krispy Kreme and in the past, he did a few odd jobs for me and I asked him how much I owed him. He always said, "just buy me some Krispy Kreme donuts and we will call it even." So it was a total surprise to him when I set his baby girl on top of his prized donuts and topped it off with their signature hat. 


7) How long have you been doing photography? Full time, 10 years professionally
8) What gear did you use for this photo (camera, lens, lights, etc.) Canon 5D Mark iii, Sigma Art 35mm 1.4, Photogenic StudioMax iii & Paul C Buff 64" PLM white umbrella with White Diffuser
9) What were your settings for this image? f.2.8 / 1/200s / ISO 200 /