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My Name is Tisha,


I Love the smell of newborns.
I Love to take pictures. 
I Love experiencing new things. 
I Love coffee. 
I Love a good thunderstorm. 
I Love to meet new people 
I Love walking barefeet...everywhere. 
I Love my husband and two awesome boys. 
I Love my friends.
I love online Shopping.
I Love purple. 
I Love sappy movies. 
I Love it when i find the PERFECT light. 
I Love shoes. 
I Love my camera.



Customer Reviews

"I've been spending some time recently going through my picture files on my computer and organizing. Tisha Johnson you keep popping up in there. As I scroll through the files of the years that have laid behind and in front of my family , there your work is. And my gratitude for the images, the feelings, the professionalism, the comfort to my heart that you have become, these feelings swell inside of me. I know that no matter how big my children grow, I will have these memories forever saved in my heart but also forever saved on my walls and in my hard drive, and backed up to my time capsule too! When we met I was a mom of one, a funny little toddler girl who adored you, your antics, your great big sucker prop for photos that she managed to convince you to let her walk out the door with. We progressed and booked a maternity session and when things didn't go as planned your caring heart, comforted me and waited until the time was right to capture our family photos and somehow managed to s"

12 March, 2013 by Kim Dorken

"What can I say about Tisha? From the first photo I ever saw of hers to hugging her goodbye after our shoot on the beach she exemplifies what it truly means to"love" what you do! She made me feel very comfortable as a new mother and was one of the most patient people I have ever met! She was very calm and soothing with out new born Lily from start to finsih, Good spirit, good heart, awesome personality! .. I can honestly not wait to work with her again a true artist!"

12 March, 2013 by Kate Waldick

"We just recently had a newborn photo session with Tisha. She is so great with the little ones as I learned it takes alot of patience to get them positioned to be photographed. She took such good care with our little man and the pictures she captured turned out amazing! The props she used in our photography session were unique and really complimented our baby boy. Thanks Tisha for capturing the perfect images of our newborn and they will make great keepsakes to share with our friends and family."

12 March, 2013 by Sheila Brown

"We have known and used Tish for about 2 ½ years now. She has captured all of our milestones. From our engagement to our newborn . Working with Tish is always a blast. Hard to pick which session was the best cause her work is so great. But I would have to say having Tish capture the birth of our daughter is the most favourite. She was there through the whole thing, barely even knew she was taking pictures. She did an amazing job of capturing all the little moments. Looking back on the pictures makes you able to relive the day. The pictures were beyond what we expected. I was amazed when she did the newborn session to see how much patience she had and the precautions she took. She puts all of her heart into her work. We are always getting compliments on our photos that she has taken. Her work speaks for itself. I would recommend Tish to anyone"

12 March, 2013 by Suzie Boot

"First off I would like to thank Tisha for the absolutely amazing pictures she took of our family. She not only made my husband and I feel 100% comfortable, but our children too. I love the different props and poses she used. My personal favourite was the trick shooting she did with my husband and I with our son. Gave us all the confidence we needed to fulfil that perfect shot! Amazing person, with an amazing talent!"

12 March, 2013 by Jessica Kuron

"Being that this was our first child, we had a whole set of worries that came along with the thought of parenthood, and even more when it came to handing our child over to someone else! However, Tisha made us feel. very comfortable putting our daughter in her hands, and at only days old to boot! Being a mother herself and having plenty of experience with young infants, she naturally soothed and comforted our infant whenever necessary...she even came with a few neat tricks up her sleeve She had tremendous patience and really took her time, making sure that our daughter (as well as both my husband and I) were comfortable with everything that was being done. She also knew when it was time to stop the shoot (complete or not), and reschedule to finish another time, based on our little one's cues that day. We were more then happy with the results from that day and cannot wait or our next shoot with tisha!!!"

12 March, 2013 by Kristy Fraleigh

"Tisha was recommened from a good friend of ours and we are SO SO glad she did! My husband and I knew before our son was born that we wanted some very sapecial pictures of him to capture his sweet, small features. Tisha was beyond amazing to work with and was so fantastic with our wee man! Her gentle approach to getting him to sleep and pose was awe inspiring and definetly sets her apart from the rest! We have the pictures hanging in our living room and whenever friends or family come by their comments are always the same: "those should be in a magazine!", "beyond beauitful!" " That photographer must have so much patience" and that is key- no rush, Tisha took all the time to get us our perfect pictures and we cannot wait for our next session!"

12 March, 2013 by Danielle & Scott Jones