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Keren Fenton- The Birth Photographer, is an award winning, nationally published birth photographer serving the greater Seattle area. Keren has a passion for all things birth. Before she was a photographer, she attend births of friends and family knowing eventually she would be in the industry. It wasn't until she was asked to photograph a friends birth, that she had discovered her dream job. Keren has been a photographer for 6 years, specializing in births for the last 4. Inching oh so close to 70 births, Keren is encouraged that birth photography is starting to take off in the photo industry and plans to start offering mentoring workshops in the Fall 2014. The highlight of her career has been winning an international birth photography contest in 2011,  however being mentioned in the N.Y Times, or being on national TV was a close second!

Each birth tells a story and what an honor it is to be the one entrusted to capture these special moments. She loves to tell stories with her camera and looks forward to creating beautiful images of your baby's birth that you'll be able to look back on forever.

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