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My kids: I have two wonderful daughters who are growing up way to fast. We are on the verge of having teenagers in my house, yes, teenagers. They are amazing girls though, Taylor is a selfless, giving and responsible child who loves life and dances to her own tune. I absolutely love that about her. Mally, my youngest is what some might call a diva. I just say she is a beautiful little girl who lacks no self confidence. Like none, the girl rocks who she is...she knows she is fabulous.


My hubby: I met my hubby online, back when Myspace was cool... yea, Myspace. I miss that site. We met online, chatted for a few days and decided to meet and have literally been together ever since. We were married a few years ago and I can't imagine life without him. He is a great step dad to my children and more importantly is a loving husband. He tells me he loves and I am beautiful everyday - which is amazing. He is also very handy in the making stuff/refinishing things which comes in handy when I find some unique props that need a little love.

Things I am addicted to: McDonald's Coke, I mean they have to be putting something in that to make me keep wanting it. Also, much to my husbands dismay, I am a propaholic. I will be in stores and he will see something (he is getting better at spotting things) and he will know exactly what I am thinking... his response is always "are you going to put a baby in that?" I can't figure out if he is mocking me or supporting me, I think its the first one.


My biggest weakness: Waiting for packages to arrive. Two day shipping via Amazon Prime, was invented for people like me. Best thing ever.


My biggest strength: Patience for clients and ability to adapt to things quickly, wow, that sounds like a resume line right there... but it is true.  My goal is to always give my clients the best photos possible and a lot of the time patience is key to achieving that goal.
Well, that is enough about me, I hope to get to know you and your family and create some memories for you!

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