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I remember the excitement and anticipation with being pregnant with my first child. The planning and the wondering "who this tiny person will look like... what kind of smile he would have, what will be his first words, will he have blue eyes or brown? Will he be a "he" or a "she""?

The first time I got to hold him was completely exciting, emotional, scary, and he made my heart melt. As he grew, I would stare at him all the time... sleeping, awake, exploring; he was fascinating to me. The first year went by SO fast all filled with many amazing moments of love, laughter, snuggles, and joy.

This is life... full of wonderful changes! This is why I do what I do... to capture the anticipation of being pregnant, the tininess of your newborn, the curiosity and silly grins of your baby and the love of your family.

Baby photographer specializing in maternity and newborn portraits based out of  Brampton, ON Canada and I would be honoured to meet you while you are expecting or once your baby has arrived.

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