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Newborn Safety

The topic of Newborn Safety might be one that you have never considered, but is something that is very important to learn about.  If you are considering newborn photography, here are a few things that you should know.

Many of the poses that newborn photographers attempt to accomplish, are composite images (2 images merged into one), use spotters and assistants, or are manipulated in Photoshop. Please see some images below as an example of how to safely accomplish these popular poses.

The most important thing when working with a newborn photographer is to trust your instincts, and if at any point you are unsure about what they are doing - ask questions, voice your opinion and if need be, stop them from what they are doing and ask them to move on to a simpler more natural and comfortable pose for the baby. You might also ask the photographer if they have attended any seminars on newborn photography and safety. There are several seminars available that teach photographers how to safely handle and photograph your newborn.




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