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The Girl Behind the Camera

My goals in life are to never stop learning and creating, surround myself with those I love, and remember the importance of positivity and compassion. I am an ambitious artist and designer, proud aunt and avid gardener.

I grew up in a tiny little town in Sumter County, Alabama, and planted my roots here in Mobile after high school. My parents, both passionate dreamers and horticulturists, have instilled in me a longing to create a unique and beautiful life – even if that means going against the grain. I’m not afraid of hard work, because challenges make us stronger. I am constantly striving to gain new experiences and ensure that my skill-set is ever evolving.

Education & Training

In college, I studied graphic design and studio art, and received my bachelor’s degree in 2012. Recently, I began working towards my master’s degree in design in hopes of teaching at a college level after gaining sufficient experience in the fields of design and communications. Currently, I work as a full time marketing and communications manager at The Community Foundation of South Alabama, photographer, and freelance artist and designer.

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