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Welcome to the LifeArt Studio, your home for custom Newborn Baby and Child Photography Sessions in Harow, London.

The LifeArt Studio offers Pregnancy, Newborn, Baby and Family Photography based in London.

The LifeArt Studio is anything but your average London newborn photography studio. Each session is treated with care and creativity not found with other newborn photography studios. Your baby and newborn sessions are carefully crafted to offer one of a kind unique photography in the London area. We capture colour as well as black and white photography of newborns, babies, and children.

You can view galleries of newborn babies, babies, toddlers, children and families as well as pregnancy photography, session fees, how to book sessions and what to expect from your unique session at

We photograph pregnancy, newborns, babies, toddlers and children around London and are based in Harrow near Stanmore, Wembley, Northwood, Borehamwood, Edgware and further afield.

At The Lifeart Studio, we prefer to use natural light and we either shoot in the studio, at your home or at a preferred location to capture creative portraits of newborns, pregnancy photos, babies and children.

Our clients are typically looking for artwork for their home vs. snapshots, and that is what draws them into our London studio.

To book your Pregnancy, Newborn, Baby or Family session, please email See for more information. 

We look forward to meeting you!

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