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I’m a central valley California photographer, homemaker, and boogieman chaser.  Born and raised in Hanford located the heart of California's farmland so it's no surprise that many of my favorite locations are out in the country.  I met my blue-eyed hubby when I was nineteen and I've been rockin' my wedding band since 2008!  We share three crazy, stubborn and utterly handsome boys.  Blessed, busy and lovin' life is how our household rolls!  Obsession includes leggings, building forts, and take out food.  Dislikes: shoes, oatmeal cookies, and Steely Dan.  Most days, you’ll find me hanging out in my living room with a baby on my lap.  I’m a photographer that will do anything to make you laugh.  Laughing happens to be one of my very favorite things to do.  I strive to be the best at everything that I am and I hope you can see that in my images.  Thank you for stopping by and feel free to hit the contact me button for any question you may have.

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