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My love for photography began following the birth of my gorgeous son in August 2008 at Kingston hospital in the UK. My growing family became my inspiration as I sought to capture every one of "life’s little moments". We thought we had the most photographed child in the world! But as a mom, I am keenly aware of the all-too-fleeting nature of childhood and the importance of having lasting images that are able to take us back to that time of happiness and wonder each time we look at them.

I am also a qualified Physiotherapist and specialised in neurology for 8 years, so I have a very good understanding of the human body, how to handle babies, and have a huge knowledge on their developemental milestones.

Capturing the very essence of a newborn or a child’s genuine expressions and natural beauty is not only extraordinarily difficult, but it requires a bit of patience and creativity. It is my soul objective to create timeless portraits that show your child’s individuality in an honest and comforting way. I want to write a storybook on a day in the life of your child, captured through pictures that warm your soul in difficult times and show the wonderful moments we all take for granted and have difficulty remembering.

I specialise in creative, non-traditional and contemporary portraiture of maternity, newborns, babies and children. I am passionate about creating images that will tug at your heart and bring a smile to your face each and every time you see them.

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