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I capture new beginnings and family connections.

Growing up one of my strongest memories of childhood are that of going over to my Nana’s house,sitting down and looking through all the photo albums – for hours. I didn’t always know all the faces in the photos, but I do remember that my Nan would sit and tell me stories about all the photos and the people in them.

As a child I also remember seeing photos of myself and my sister going from being babies to toddlers to teenager. We were slowing growing up before my very eyes, as I turned the pages. Like magic.

Someone once told me that having a photo album for children to look through is a wonderful tool to teach them about their life. Imagine it. You’re sitting in your lounge room and your little one asks to look through the albums. Think of the cuddles, the connection, but also of the photos and the experience that you can sit and talk to them about.

As they get older they can share them with their younger siblings. Then later they’ll be able to share with their own children, then they with theirs. Don’t we all love the stories around how different things were when our parents and grandparents were younger. How different people looked, dressed and their experiences of the time? We want to exist for our children and their children. We want them to enjoy looking at images the same way we did when we were younger too.

I want to capture images for you that will keep forever. Images that you can have put in albums, or framed on your walls. Canvas, metal prints, boxed framed canvas or even wooden prints – oh the possibilities!.  Just for you, for your children, your grandchildren and their children. Giving them the opportunity to experience those memories for always.

All those little moments, those fleeting moments, with beautiful imagery become vivid tangible memories. These are to be cherished forever, the story real and true.

Contact me for more details on the contact page or just give me a call on 0401 861 886 – I am always up for a chat.

Customer Reviews

"Absolutely love our newborn photos we had done with Lisa. I can not recommend her highly enough as she was so helpful and caring. I was so nervous about having photos done as we had a few hiccups medically with our daughter which resulted in her having to have oxygen tubes but Lisa was amazing. She put my mind at ease in only a way mother and true professional could. Having Lisa in our home was like having a friend around and she was so relaxed and loving that our daughter cooperated with her beautifully. Right from the first minute she knew exactly what she was doing and actually taught me a thing about settling my daughter. I can say without a doubt we will be back and not just once! The photos we got back were absolutely beautiful and Lisa really captured our family dynamic and each of our personalities perfectly. These photo's are something I will treasure for the rest of my life! Thank you as you not only took photos of my family but you gave me something I thought I had los"

4 January, 2017 by Mallorie Rogers

"Lisa made us feel very at ease and captured beautiful family photos we will treasure. Will definitely call on her services again"

4 January, 2017 by Nicola Schubert