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Oh. Boy.
About... me.

1. I gave up running this year as a New Years Resolution.... its the only one I have ever kept.
2. I think my nerd reading glasses make me look cool.
3. I love lists they're so organi-zy and straight
4. My favorite part of my job is making my clients laugh.
5. I think because Chocolate comes from a bean, from a plant it should be considered a vegetable.
6. Sometimes I put my kids down for a nap because I need one.
7. Everyone deserves great family pictures, even if they think they shouldn't have them taken for whatever reason.
8. I think I should be supermodel skinny considering how much running after my kiddos I do.
9. Caffeine is its own food group and I don't care what the food pyramid says about it.
10. If I lost my iphone I wouldn't know my husband's phone number and we've been married A LONG time
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