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Hello!  We are Chris and Kristy, a Twin Cities based photography couple.  We specialize in newborn photography, and take our time with each precious baby we work with.  The end result is images that you will want to proudly display in your home, and will cherish forever.  

We bring the studio to you!  Your baby's session will take place in the comforts of your home.  Let's face it, you're probably not going to want to pack up your brand new baby to go sit in a hot studio for hours to get your newborn photos done.  With us you don't even have to leave your house.  In fact, many of our parents opt to use the time that we spend with their baby to take a nap an catch up on some much needed rest. 

There are two of us!  Kristy gently poses your baby in to the adorable positions you see on our website, and Chris takes the photos.  This is important to keep your baby safe and comfortable at all times.  There will never be a moment where your baby is left unattended to take a photo.

Newborn photography captures a time that you can never get back.  The sleepy newborn stage doesn't last very long, so it's important to choose a photographer who is experience with newborns and can get it right the first time. 


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