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Jennifer's Beginnings

Since beginning her journey into professional photography in 2005, Jennifer McNeil has helped thousands of families tell their story through the portrait sessions they share together. Whether elegant posed settings or casual romps spilling over with laughter, these maternity, newborn and family portraits capture what's important to her clients. They also reflect what's most important to Jennifer: family.

Great images tell family stories. It's those stories that hooked her on working with families, and crafting the photographic legacy that family photos provide. These tangible pieces of history record the family's ancestry as priceless gifts for future generations. That has inspired Jennifer to create artistic images of many milestones in their lives. Poring over her grandmother's copious bins of photographs helped her understand the story of her own family in a compelling way, unmatched by any other means. These printed moments shared times, places and people otherwise inaccessible.

Jennifer's mother also loved photography. She piqued her young interest in creating her own images and let her borrow her camera on several occasions. If it weren’t for her mom's encouragement over the years, Jennifer might be doing something entirely different with her life! Since purchasing her first camera in high school, she's owned over a dozen different cameras, each helping her tell her own stories through the lens.

Her Family

jennifer mcneil photography maternity and newborn
From 2006, her husband, Jeff, and Jennifer traveled together and conquered the world, just the two of them. Now there's baby, too! Their son brings new joy and meaning to their lives every day. When they as a couple bloomed into a family, she more fully understood how important family photos are to preserving family history. All too soon, little ones grow, showing Mommy’s eyes, Daddy’s dimples, Grandpa’s laugh and Great Grandma’s smile, yet all those familiar traits make up an entirely new person, all his own and always changing.

Jennifer strives to preserve these moments through photography and help other families cultivate their legacy with beautiful images they can enjoy and pass down to their children.

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