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As a wife and mom of 5 kiddos- I can not express how much it means to cherish something- those small details we so quickly forget to those big milestone moments in our life.. they are all so important.


I choose to specialize in newborn and young children  - to capture and document those moments.. those details or pure miracles- pure happiness- pure moments of your child's life.

I can easily get caught up in the hussle of every day life and go to bed just wiped out and exhausted, but when I am able to look through my instagram photos or catch a glimpse of something just so simple... life seems more peaceful and happy.

I am currently residing with my family in the mountains of Northern Idaho in the Sandpoint & Coeur D'Alene Idaho area. The year here so far has been more than fruitful- in friendships and in the biz. I truly am grateful for not only what my husband has been able to provide for our family but also for the many blessings that God has blessed us with!

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