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I'm a photographer based near Salt Lake City, UT. I started photography in 2004 after working in graphic design for a few years, and love every minute of it. I'm also a painter, lover of ballet, fashion, healthy food, climbing, and fitness. I was recently married in the country where I grew up, Norway, last September, 2015. We had photos taken in Portugal and Spain. Together my husband and I have eight wonderful children.

 I have worked photographing newborns for over 7 years, and have taken courses in newborn safety and wellbeing. I love posing newborns, but do so in a gentle way. Not every newborn will be comfortable in every pose, so I take cues from your baby to find out what is most natural for him/her. I mix some lightly posed with lifestyle shots so you have a complete documentation of your little one. I shoot with natural light and a shallow depth of field, so you get those soft airy photos that look so great for newborns.

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