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I am a photographer who LOVES shooting on-location to create natural, modern and emotive images.  These are the types of images I hang on my walls, so that is what I endeavour to capture.  Even though I live in Canberra, I’m open to travelling to meet you and your loved ones to help tell your story. 

I LOVE chocolate.  Milk chocolate.  And cake.  With a passion. 

In 2004, Alan and I got married [see below wedding hotness].  Then, a few months later, we travelled to Canada for one of his Groomsmen’s own wedding.  Canada is a-maaaa-zing and I want to go back again [even if it is just to go to the Calgary Stampede - though I'd move there if Alan asked me to]! 

I am an only child, which probably explains a lot, and in return love being around growing families.  I love Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS, and having impromptu dance parties in the kitchen with my kids always puts a smile on my face.  I check on both of them every single night before I go to bed to giggle at their crazy sleeping positions and thank my stars that I’ve been given such a great [and incredibly exhausting] gift.

I have a social media obsession, which means I pretty much Instagram most things in sight.  Seriously.  I post a lot.  Check out the link – I love that thing!  I wish I had longer, thicker hair and I detest summer heat.  I would seriously consider giving up chocolate (not cake - let’s not get crazy now) for a live in housekeeper and would dress my whole family in jeans, birkenstock’s and a tee every day without hesitation.

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