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Pregnant photo sessions made by us in Brasov. Being pregnant is the greatest blessing a woman can have. The fulfillment of carrying a broken being in your womb for 10 months is immeasurable.
Why take photos when you are pregnant?
It is a beautiful and gentle way in which you parents can remember over the years what it was like when the baby was not born. We emphasize the tenderness of the parents because the child in love was molded. On the father's care for the pregnant mother.
When to do a pregnancy photoshoot?
Pregnant photo sessions are made in nature or at home. It is good to have too many people around. In this way, the pregnant mother will be more relaxed. I recommend that the pregnancy photos be taken in the eighth month of pregnancy, but we can take the photos later. It all depends on the pregnancy and how you feel, future mom. The most important thing is that your pregnant woman can move in with you, not like the last week, when everything is a torment. Fun and good mood are important for pregnancy photos to be beautiful.
How long will we receive the photos?
In maximum 24 hours from their realization. We know you are looking forward to seeing these wonderful photos of the couple. That's why we deliver photos of pregnant women so quickly, most of the time even within a few hours of taking them.

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