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Welcome! I'm Kellie and I specialize in custom newborn, maternity, and baby photography. I also love to photograph families (yes, even the big extended families!). I'm a native Oregonian and was raised in Clackamas and have lived in the Salem area since 2003.

I absolutely love photographing newborns and babies and my husband loves that it keeps my baby fever at bay! I'm a mom to two great kids and am very aware of the challenges that newborns and babies bring and totally expect you to nurse your baby in front of me and won't blink an eye when your bundle of joy inevitable pees on me.  In fact I kind of expect it!

 I have been photographing newborns and babies for the past eight years and it never gets old.  Every baby is different and it amazes me how unique and individual each baby is from the very beginning.  I absolutely love watching families grow and feel very blessed to get to watch these little personalities develop.   

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