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I am a New Orleans lady, living the Texas dream. :)

I have the privilege of being a wife, mother of one, step mother of two, and human mommy to 2 Great Danes! All titles that inspire me everyday to chase my dreams and remember how I achieved them. Since I can remember, photography has been one of those dreams for me. My focus on Newborn Photography came as a total surprise, sorta like fate! The first time a picture YOU TOOK actually makes you cry, you just know you've found your passion. I have a lot to learn, and commitment myself to take every avenue to get there.

Speaking of dreams, I have to give credit where credit is due!! I have an amazing husband whose support continues to be above and beyond what I could have ever asked for. Every photographer knows the commitment it takes to pursue a photography career, and every wife/mother knows the value of making a house a home, and because my husband is who he is...I have both. Lucky me. :)

-Cyndi Williams

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