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Hi! My name is Rachael Owen (I’m not blonde anymore) and I am the owner and primary photographer at Catching Violet Photography. I am also the mother of four angelic children. When they aren’t busy bugging me. I love photography! It is incredibly fulfilling to me and I am so happy to have this creative outlet. I love to bring out the best in people. I mostly shoot maternity, newborn, child, senior, family and wedding photography and love it all! When I’m not taking pictures I love to sew and bake. I wake up in the morning excited about taking pictures and my morning coffee, which is heavily laden with cream.I am tall (6 ft), like to wear boots(tall ones), have a thing for knit hats (the brighter the bettter), and always chew gum when I shoot. My favorite color is green and always has been. My company is named after my youngest daughter Violet Everly and her amazing birth. My husband caught the little monkey before the midwives could arrive! He is the one who is the computer genius and wonderful at writing contracts. (He’s a lawyer by day and amazing daddy by evening.) I have oodles of fantastic ideas that I would love to share with you. Let’s get together and brainstorm a great shoot! There are so many amazing nooks and crannys here in Eastern Oregon. Please give me a call at (541) 377-1604. Or you can email me at I am also addicted to facebook and pinterest, so you can find me there too!Thanks!

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