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I always get asked why I photograph babies.  It's messy, it's long, it's sweaty, it's messy, it's stinky and did I mention messy? When it really boils down to it, though, the answer is simple:  I really love babies and, similar to my love for stray puppies, my husband has threatened to change the locks if I bring anymore home.  If I can't bring them home, I may as well make it my job to be a professional baby snuggler.

 As silly as it is, it is true.  I love babies.  I love everything about them:  their super soft skin, the way the light hits the peach fuzz on their shoulders, their teeny noses, the sweet sounds and that scrumptious baby smell (no, not THAT smell, the one that emanates from the top of their sweet little heads).  As an artist, capturing something that I love so much just makes sense.  Photographing those sweet little babies that I love so much keeps me going; it keeps it from turning into a job and allows it to remain something that I just freaking love.

 When you hire me to photograph your newborn, you aren't just hiring me to photograph your baby.  You are hiring me to help you remember something that you just can't put into words.  That feeling that you experienced when you're sure your heart would burst.  The moment you first locked eyes, and the Earth's gravitational pull made sense.  The moment that "unconditional love" took on a real, tangible meaning.  It's the moment you really transition from being in love to being a family.  The moment you see your piece of forever.  And that, my friend, is something worth remembering.  

 If you are in the greater Seattle Tacoma area, I would love to chat with you about being your Seattle newborn photographer

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