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Kids and babies are so incredible! They have always been at the heart of everything I have done. Capturing these precious days of your life, no matter what age you are, is a blessing to me. Owning a professional portrait studio has allowed me to capture some of the most beautiful moments of your life. I know that these images will continue to bring joy over the years as they are shared and enjoyed with your friends and loved ones. I also imagine the great joy the babies captured in my portraits will have as adults when sharing these portraits with their children. What fun!  My hope is that seeing your sweet family’s portrait every day, hanging on a wall in a family room, dining room or maybe in your little one’s nursery, will bring you a sense of joy, pride and gratitude for what sweet blessings are families are to us.


These little ones grow up way to fast to let a moment slip. Those funny faces, baby smirks and cries, and those pudgy cheeks will mean more to you than you can ever imagine as your children get older and eventually leave home. Having your own beautiful portraits adorning your home with these endearing sweet moments is truly a priceless treasure. I would love for you to tell me how I can make these memories last forever for you.


My name is Amy West and I am a certified professional photographer specialized in newborn portraiture. Other than being a newborn photographer, I am a mother of 4 amazing children, the oldest of which joined the US Navy in 2016, and the second oldest is an accomplished high school drummer. My youngest two are preschool and elementary school students and a ball of energy and joy. They are my world! My husband and I celebrated our 21st anniversary this year. He's about the best father a kid could ask for and I am very thankful to be raising a family with him.


As for me, I was a child of professional photographer parents. I watched them work, assisted when asked and maybe learned a few things a long the way. However, photography was not something I was passionate about back then. It kind of grew on me over a series of life events. One of my first jobs was as a photographer, because I had the experience and I needed a job. Then, after 9-11, I went into a Navy recruiting office and stated my desire to join the US Navy. I enlisted as a Photographer's Mate and served most of my time at the Naval War College in Newport, RI.  After getting out of the Navy, I focused on photographing for non-profit organizations. I mainly worked with organizations seeking photos of children in need of forever homes; children in the foster care system in need of adoption. I have photographed children for the Oregon Heart Gallery, Lane County Heart Gallery and the Boys and Girls Aid Society of Portland for the Wendy's Wonderful Kids Organization. My passion for these kids is why I donate a portion of my income to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, a nonprofit public charity dedicated exclusively to finding permanent homes for children in our foster care system.


Naturally with my passion for children and babies, my focus has always been on newborns and children of all ages. Newborns especially have my heart. Getting to hold and love on all these little newborns who come to me is such a rich blessing! Each and everyone of the dozens and dozens of babies that have entered my studio have richly blessed me in someway. Not only that, it is so fulfilling to use my talents as a photographer and passion for babies in such a way as to bring joy to so many families. I am grateful to God for pointing me in this direction and I look so forward to all the babies I will have the pleasure of meeting in the future.


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