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I love turning the moments of your family's life into memories. What does that mean exactly? My storytelling portraiture goes a step beyond simply showing you what life looked like at that time by also reminding you what it felt like. An artful portrait of a tired mother lying on the couch, snuggled under a soft, pink blanket with her newborn resting peacefully on her chest as the afternoon sun dances on the carpet through small openings in the curtains... a child running through the cool water drops of a lawn sprinkler as the summer sun sets lazily in the backyard... or a family sitting at the dinner table over a steaming plate of delicious food, smiling and laughing. Those images not only show you what a day in their life looked like, but they evoke emotions and sounds and even smells. They have the ability to transport you to a time and place that would otherwise be unreachable. This is why I invest my heart and soul into creating images your family will cherish not just today but for always.

I believe in the power of a photograph!

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