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Photographer Overview

For the past 5 years I have been dedicated to photographing and capturing the special moments in the lives of thousands of families in the Chicago and greater Chicagoland area. While I am a top Chicago newborn photographer, I am equally thrilled to be known to hundreds of families as their personal family photographer, and it’s been a joy to serve them and see them grow in number and beauty!
  I work hard at emailing my clients at a timely manner, tending to their needs and wants for each individual session and paying close attention to detail of what my clients ask for.
  I love what I do and I love that each photo means something to the family. Years from now, I know that these babies will look at their newborn photos and thank their parents for doing this for them. This is not only for the parents to enjoy for the here and now, these little newborns will grow up and be adults years from now and appreciate all the little things their parents did for them. I am just glad I got to be apart of their lives for a little while!

Customer Reviews

"“…She is a pleasure to work with and as a first time mom I was very impressed with the thought she not only put into the photos but the care of our son at such a young age …”"

11 December, 2017 by Rochelle from Chicago

"“…She’s got the eye and she’s got the talent. She is fun and brings all of the props with her. She will spend as much time as she needs to take the best pics. I really like her work. Great to work with!”"

11 December, 2017 by Grace from Frankfort

"“…Her pictures are consistently breathtaking and have made my husband and I wish for more wall space as we have turned so many of them into canvas prints. … She used a variety of baby calming techniques, and my little one slept through the whole thing! Abigail now feels like part of the family, and I look forward to having her photograph all our major life milestones.”"

11 December, 2017 by Robb and Gina from Glen Ellyn