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Sydney Newborn, Birth and Maternity photographer.


"To capture a memory, you have to care about the story"

I am one of those people who loves to hear the stories - birth stories, where a baby's name came from, how a couple got together.  Every story is so different, and every story makes each family I work with so different.  I love bringing those stories into the work I do, to make the images a little more personal.

I'm of the opinion that a photograph should be the beginning of a conversation - it should inspire a a memory, and excuse to share a story, a way of remembering the details; a combination of art and story telling.

That is part of the reason I love working with babies and new parents.  This time in their lives is a story they'll tell over and over again.  A time where every detail is precious.  And I am always honoured to be a part of capturing that point in time, and making sure that the images they have to look back on are as true to their feelings and memories as possible. 

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